Saturday, October 23, 2010

Memorializing a Legend

I've recently discovered the love I have memorializing people. Ever the portrait I painted in January of my friend deceased aunt I've been looking for more people to memorialize and when I was asked to participate in a Sailor Jerry Tribute show I thought this was a great oppurtunity to commemorate a legend. The man revolutionized tattooing not just as a trade but also as an art form. I really love his flash art and wanted to incorporate in my piece in a big way, here's my sketch(above), final painting to coming real soon, and the show is November 12th, @ the Sailor Jerry store on 13th and sansom in Philadelphia, PA. Come out and satisfy your eyes.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Summer Reminiscing

The Summer has been an amazing blur. Here's a partial recap(well, its what I was able to document) in case you missed it in order from most recent to the beginning of summer. The above picture is from The PNBR 2010. I'm also getting back to my real job and there will be more posts coming very soon :)

@The Alex Gross and Esao Andrews Opening

@Coney Island
@Wildwood, New Jersey

@Steph's BBQ