Thursday, April 22, 2010

... and I'm Feeling Good

I finished this piece on monday night the day before my birthday. I'm officially 23 years old. This piece is my take on a mermaid, I don't usually paint many creatures and I've taken the opportunity to have a little fun with fantasy subject matter. I think I'm just going to start e-framing everything, I'm stealing the idea from Kanye West's blog which is chocked full of artsy goodness. This is original sketch below.

I also got a new old Polaroid camera and a good amount of expired film. It's great! here's some pics I took while chillin' in Rittenhouse with friends on my Birthday. These were taken right before we went to see kick-ass which was a great movie and definitely something I'll be buying on DVD when it's released. Hope everyone is great!

Monday, April 19, 2010

More Progress....

This painting is almost finished. just some minor details to paint and some digital enhancements on the horizon. Going to have a great scan of scan of this by the end of week. :)

And also I've found these awesome interviews that have me even more stoked than usual to paint. if you like comic book art and or illustration check out the sidebar comics, art and more podcast. They have great interviews with Sam Weber, Josh Middleton, Brad Holland, and pleanty other great artist.

Gil Scott-Heron

This man is a living legend. His work has been affecting the african american community in a positive way since the 70's. The part that astounds me is how he has updated his sound and kept the essence and passion that made people want to listen to him in the first place. Gil Scott-Heron you are my hero and I hope my craft can affect people even a fraction of what yours has.
please do your self a favor and check out his new album "I'm new here" here's a song from the album it called "me and the devil"

Gil Scott-Heron - "Me And The Devil" from Adam F. on Vimeo.

some old-school Gil

Monday, April 12, 2010

Princess Bubblegum

I just finished this fanart piece of the new Adventure Time cartoon. This is Princess Bubblegum, I chose her because she is wildly different from most characters I draw so I thought it might be interesting to see such a cutesy character rendered out by my hands, I had a lot of fun doing this piece mostly because I got to use a variety of mediums: watercolor, colored pencils, acrylic, and even digital. Hoping to finish up another painting this week on my off days until then Blogger.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


This is a character portrait based on my friend Alexi. No meaning behind this one, it's just me practicing in a new medium.