Saturday, October 10, 2009


A portrait of singer/songwriter Emily Haines in watercolor on Lightweight Rives BFK . done in 2 hours. watercolor takes me time as I'm kind of new to this medium. I also now see that Rives was a bad choice.

Another portrait for fun. The reference is a photo by Osman Balkan. Done in about two hours inbetween watching Conan and Fallon.
oil on Rives BFK

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dia de los Muertos Opening

The Opening for the show was great, Proximity Gallery is an awesome place and I hope to get the opportunity to show there more often. At the show I was able to see some old friends and even meet some artists I admire. The food(chips+dip and the pizza truck) and drinks were awesome, the margaritas were never-ending and so was the PBR which always makes for a good time. Not to mention that my piece sold!!!Here are some pics, I love my friends they came out and showed support which made me feel like a million bucks and I thank them, even the ones that couldn't make it. :)A pic of the crowd, including the blurry Joe Game (founder of the Autumn Society).
My friend Jenny Le came out...
and so did my homies Danny Mak and Marvin Silvestre ...
Allie got lost but found her eventually...
and Gloria, Anisha, and Kellie-Lynn all awesome people.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ink Testing

Hey, I was messing around with some sumi-e ink the other day and I kinda like the results. Ink makes me think differently and is a fun way for me to let go of some of the tightness I'm used to in painting. Had tons of fun doing these little ink drawings/paintings. done on rives