Sunday, May 3, 2009

Process Senior Thesis1

There were a few more steps to this process but I could only have so many images in one and I'm not that advanced of a blogger to figure out how it to organize it to make sense in two blogs so we'll start from reference through the painting. I hope these make sense in succession.

The first step to every is of course reference after sketches

Background and blocking the underlying skin tone

My figures blocked in now

The Hand detail is pretty much finished and the dress is starting to get worked on

The bottom pattern at its first layer and the jewlery only needs a little more contrast

Bam!!! Final image
There is a huge color and contrast switch from the last image to this one but the only thing that changes is the dress color. more process posts to come. 

LOng Overdue

These are the pictures of my senior thesis from the actual show. I chose to advertisements for theatre productions. Having the freedom to choose the plays naturally I gravitated toward classic tragedies. My interpretations of Medea, Doctor Faustus, Oedipus Rex, and Titus Andronicus went over fairly well, so I'm thankful for that. I'm also happy that I documented making two of these pieces and its the first time I will see a weird time lapsed photo amalgamation of my artwork being finished. so yeah the show was great, congrats to the winners who's links are on the side of my blog they're all awesome so check them out too. :)

get ready for the process 

Collie Mills 2.0 y'all

So I've been slaving over a new website and its finally here! I had a crazy crash course in html and css from the awesome Eleanor. She took all of the scariness away from the html and css monsters. So this blog is my breaking the bottle or christening of the new website. So go forth all and check it out!!!