Sunday, May 3, 2009

Process Senior Thesis1

There were a few more steps to this process but I could only have so many images in one and I'm not that advanced of a blogger to figure out how it to organize it to make sense in two blogs so we'll start from reference through the painting. I hope these make sense in succession.

The first step to every is of course reference after sketches

Background and blocking the underlying skin tone

My figures blocked in now

The Hand detail is pretty much finished and the dress is starting to get worked on

The bottom pattern at its first layer and the jewlery only needs a little more contrast

Bam!!! Final image
There is a huge color and contrast switch from the last image to this one but the only thing that changes is the dress color. more process posts to come. 


Daniel Fishel said...

Wow this is amazing seeing this all step by step. It really opens you up to how other artist see how other artist create works knowing that they too are not completely stupid for the haphazardness of how a piece always starts but always works out in the end.


Jason Irizarry said...

This is really awesome, it's great to see the development of your work. I pretty sure I speak for the both of us when I say there are so many artist out there that I would love to see the journey they take in creating a finalized piece.

-keep up the work!