Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gracias , Por la Invitacion

This is my submission for the Dia de los Muertos show. When doing research for this piece I loved that everything that is done on this holiday(altars, shrines, flowers, candles, face painting, story-telling, etc.) is meant to encourage a visit from the deceased. I thought to myself what if the dead could usher themselves back into the realm of the living by creating their own encouragement to return. So here's my interpretation of that idea in acrylic and oil on rives BFK.
I Hope everyone enjoys and I can't wait to see the show on Friday, all the work I've seen already looks amazing. Who's stoked? I am! :)


Jason Irizarry said...

wow collie, this is beyond. By far one of my favorites from you.

breeleroytld said...

This piece is gorgeous!!! I wish I could've seen it in person I bet it's a thousand times better in person!!

Rachel O. Lesser said...

This is beyond cool, I wish i could have seen it at the gallery but i couldn't get there in time.

Bombproof said...

Solid piece! really cool