Saturday, October 10, 2009


A portrait of singer/songwriter Emily Haines in watercolor on Lightweight Rives BFK . done in 2 hours. watercolor takes me time as I'm kind of new to this medium. I also now see that Rives was a bad choice.

Another portrait for fun. The reference is a photo by Osman Balkan. Done in about two hours inbetween watching Conan and Fallon.
oil on Rives BFK


Super Giant Robot said...

Watercolors look nice bro.

Kategan said...

I really like her face.

If that paper gets you too antsy, you should try out Arches hot press 140 lb. It has a really good tooth and can really take a beating.
I think Rives BFK is more of a printmaking paper, so if you put too too much water onto it, it begins to start pooling on the surface which is a bother.

I like the oil dude's hair.