Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Cosby Show

I just finished a piece for a show themed around all things Bill Cosby. I decided not to take the jello pudding approach and tried to dig a little deeper into Bills personal life. I found an article in the Atlantic Monthly that spoke of his criticisms toward the African-American community in recent years. The article talked about whether or not his methods were actually bringing about a positive change or was he so harsh that the people who need to take in his message felt attacked and in turn refused to listen. Bill Cosby has a wealth of experiences and wisdom and I'm not saying his criticisms are wrong, but is it possible that his insight into this situation is slightly clouded with his advancing age or that he is just not thinking clearly before he starts speaking.

My piece is about the insight of Bill Cosby and I promise I'll be getting a good scan of this piece very soon. I named this piece "The fading Glare of Wisdom", it is acrylic on paper.

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