Monday, December 14, 2009

Daytrippin' in New York

My friends Marvin, Gloria, Danny Mak and I took a daytrip to New York to check out a couple of sights and to see the "Hajimari-A Prelude" show by Audrey Kawasaki at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Her show was amazing and packed full of people waiting to get their prints and postcards signed. I'm really excited because I did not get a chance to meet her at the last show she had in Philly so my friend Gloria and I both seized the opportunity. She was super gracious and awesome and her and her show are the highlight of this month even after christmas day. But yeah here's how the rest of the day went. :)

We arrived in Chinatown and got some amazing dumplings.

We also checked out the Kandinsky exhibit and Thanhauser collection at the Guggenheim.
We stopped pass Times Square which left me kind of speechless.
and we missed the last train to philly, so we commandeered a table at Trenton train station and talked smack, sketched and people watched until 7am. Good Times!

oh yeah and my favorite piece in the audrey kawasaki show. see more here

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