Friday, January 29, 2010

Remembering Stella

Hey I just finished this portrait of Stella, she departed earth in 2005 and I was honored to help carry on her memory through a painting that embodies her likeness. The portrait itself was very fun, and the baroque framework is something i've always wanted to paint and it was really cool to apply it to a sentimental portrait.
.....and I also coded this website for my friend Darvin. He designed it and I was the person who coded it and acted as a design consultant. check it out if you get a chance here


Science Ninja Kid said...

that's an awesome painting and I like how it says sunrise and sunset.

But also I like how you made it clear that you did not design Darvin's website. Good Job on coding it. You should tell Darvin to recompress his reel though coz it doesnt even play.

Darv-Silvestre said...

Yea i know i have to compress my reel, right now my after effect isn't working im just trying to figure that out. what compression do you sub jest because i don't want to loose the quality of the video.