Thursday, April 22, 2010

... and I'm Feeling Good

I finished this piece on monday night the day before my birthday. I'm officially 23 years old. This piece is my take on a mermaid, I don't usually paint many creatures and I've taken the opportunity to have a little fun with fantasy subject matter. I think I'm just going to start e-framing everything, I'm stealing the idea from Kanye West's blog which is chocked full of artsy goodness. This is original sketch below.

I also got a new old Polaroid camera and a good amount of expired film. It's great! here's some pics I took while chillin' in Rittenhouse with friends on my Birthday. These were taken right before we went to see kick-ass which was a great movie and definitely something I'll be buying on DVD when it's released. Hope everyone is great!

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Anonymous said...

another beautiful piece, looks perfect in that frame! also happy belated birthday fellow taurus:)