Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Curls Best Friend

Just finished these two portraits for the lovely ladies over at the "A Curls Best Friend" blog. They have an awesome blog with some stunning information and insight for ladies (and men) trying to go natural with their hair. These portraits are the first part in an overhaul of the look of the blog. check them out at acurlsbf.com. More to come very soon..... :-)

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Kat said...

Well hey there, look at you posting to your blog like some kind of guy that posts to his blog! I LOVE these portraits, especially because of the soft quality they have that I think is kind of a departure from your usual more... bold and illustrative style. All the colors are sort of muted and soft and lovely and it works out splendidly. I ESPECIALLY love the second one because of the sharp light source, which I think makes it ever so slightly more dynamic than it's equally enchanting partner. So glad to see stuff up here! More, more!!!!