Monday, July 27, 2009

Home Studio 2.0

Recently I completely rearranged my living space so that it can me more accommodating for me as an artist thus resulting in my home studio 2.0. My old set up had me between an easel and a bed with a trash can which I learned very quickly would never take the place of a good old fashioned art desk. My art desk I have now is freakin' awesome and paired with my sweet new Logitech satellite speakers & sub-woofer(not pictured) and the wall adorned with postcards & posters by my favorite artists and people are going to make painting and drawing a piece of cake from now on. I'm both excited and pleased especially when I look my old workspace.

oh yes and I can't forget my Metroid collaboration with friend Debbie Plesnarski is in the works we will wrapping paintings this week and then next will result in our final product which will be in the "8 bit & Beyond" show at Brave New Worlds on August 7th.

Cheers Everyone!!!

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