Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In the AM::: Heads Will Roll

Hey I'm kind of restless tonight and thought that I'd share a cool music video. I figure that on restless nights when I can't sleep and have already blogged about my art I'll just blog about other stuff. I'm going to call these posts "In the AM" as they will probably all be posted at some insane hour of the morning/night. so I'll start tonight..errr..today.

This video is from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the song is called "Heads Will Roll". This video is great because of its dancing Werewolf who's dance moves are soaked with the flavor ofthe late Michael Jackson. The band has a new sound this album with more synth and electonic bells and whistles which I'm actually enjoying. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs continue to stun and inspire me with every album they make.

and they are coming to Philly this wednesday to the Electric Factory. It's going to be a good time :)

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